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While John is new to Lost & Found, he has shared the stage with Rich over the course of the last 20 years in a number of Annapolis-area bands.  John started playing music at age 5, studying classical piano for over 10 years.  He continued to immerse himself in music through high school playing bass clarinet in concert band, saxophone in marching band, and bass guitar in the jazz band.  In addition to this, John ran a popular rock band in the Northern Jersey area throughout his high school years, playing keyboards and bass.


After obtaining degrees in engineering and music, John built a recording studio that served NYC area artists, collaborating on compositions and performing live at NYC showcase venues in Greenwich Village.  He also took on jingle and soundtrack projects, as well as writing and providing music direction for Off-Broadway musicals.  John also was an engineer with Aurosonic Ltd, a first-call mobile recording company based in Queens, NY.


For Lost & Found, John lays down the low end, plays keyboards, and provides backing vocals.  He believes that music may in fact be the greatest “life sport,” providing mental stimulation and rich human interaction far into the upper years.  John feels he is just entering his prime and is thankful to be devoting more and more time to music these days, after raising four grown children with his wife Susan.

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