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Bill's BIO


Otis Redding had a direct impact on Bill's love for music. In the mid 60’s, his father traveled the east coast playing trombone as a member of his band. "The “road” was a tough way to make a living and was hard on our family," Bill will tell you as he describes his father's love of music. Bill's father put his musical ambitions aside to work full-time in the printing industry in order to support his family. Bill wanted to play trombone like his dad, so at the age of 7 he started taking lessons. He spent hours working on tone and learning how to read music from elementary through High School. That's when Bill decided to switch to bass guitar. He joined several local bands such as Lights, and Maurader. Like his dad, Bill's life changed when he married in 1984. He too put his music career aside and became a printer. He continued to play for special events and holidays. It wasn’t until he joined his church band, did he realize he could work and play professionally. About 8 years ago he started to play the drums. Something he had always wanted to do. He saw an acoustic band playing with a Cajon and was instantly hooked. He joined a band called Never Say Never and played with them for 3 years in the Baltimore area. He found his renewed passion for playing when he joined the acoustic trio band, Lost and Found, stating "Rich chooses great songs and John keeps us on point," Bill looks forward to great things in the future.

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