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Al's BIO


Growing up listening to his father play the guitar for pure enjoyment, Al says music has always been an important part of his life. Ask him why he plays and he reminisces about his father's love of music. At the early age of 7, Al began playing the trumpet, and went on to play in the school band.  Over

the next six years, his experience taught

him the fundamental principles of being a musician . . . to craft it - learn it - polish it and perform it.  Early in his teen years, Al's musical direction was forever changed by the Beatles 1964 performance on the Ed Sullivan Show.  Al would say, "when I saw

all those girls screaming, I thought to myself, that's what I want to do!"  And during the next five decades that's exactly what he did. Playing strictly guitar, until the early 80's, Al decided to switch to bass because

he knew singing bass players had became

a hot commodity in the music industry.  A few notable Baltimore bands Al has played with include, Cry Wolf, The Force, original recording artist George Brigman and Split, Blind Owl, UnderOath, The Jokers, and The Beach Bumz . According to Al, his new found gig playing bass for Lost and Found is reflective of his musical history, "This band Lost and Found just checks all the boxes for me. I believe the music we play is not only representative of my musical life's journey, but it also captures the same emotion

of many of our fans and listeners."